Jobs That Make Over $300k

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Are you aiming for a six-figure salary? This list looks high-paying careers with annual salaries exceeding $300,000. We’ll look into a variety of fields, from medicine and surgery to engineering and technology. Whether you’re seeking a career that utilizes your existing skills or are eager to change career paths, this guide will provide valuable insights into lucrative professions.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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Being a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) pays in the $300k+ range, with a US average salary of $652,117 and an additional average bonus of $346,517. CEOs demand responsibility, leadership, and strategic insight. They oversee performance, finances, mentorship, and growth despite high stress. Employers prefer a business degree or MBA and 5-10 years of industry experience.

CFO (Chief Financial Office)

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Being a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) gets you an average salary of $416,641 and a range spanning $316,754 to $532,355. In this role, overseeing financial operations, leading accounting and finance departments, nurturing the company’s image, and ensuring fiscal efficiency is pivotal. Strong public speaking, tech proficiency, economic understanding, and a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting are typically sought, accompanied by prior work experience for success in this domain.


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Distinguished engineers earn an average salary of $607,000, with a range from $478,000 to $2,145,000. Major companies like Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM seek these skilled professionals, offering varying salaries based on experience and location. Entry often requires at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Investment Banker

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Investment banking managing directors earn base salaries between $300k and $1M and bonuses spanning $200k to $10M+. Responsibilities encompass client relations, financial strategies, IPO management, mergers, risk analysis, and restructuring. While a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, a master’s degree often aids career progression in this field.

Vascular Surgeon

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Vascular surgeons surpass $300k yearly, averaging $461,997, with top earners reaching $467,156. They specialize in operating on arteries and veins and diagnosing and treating related diseases. Their role involves patient interaction, treatment planning, diagnostics, and critical decision-making during surgeries and treatments.


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The typical yearly salary for a radiologist in the US averages $436,490, with a salary spectrum spanning from $379,490 to $504,890. Radiologists work in hospitals, clinics, or private settings, interpreting medical images, needing deep health and anatomical insight. They use advanced tools, maintain equipment, and stay updated. To qualify, extensive education, state licenses, American Board of Radiology certifications, experience, and continuous training are essential.


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Neurosurgeon salaries range from $362,964 for beginners to $510,035 for experienced professionals. Specializing in brain, spine, and nervous system surgeries, their duties span diagnosis, treatment, patient counseling, and collaborating within a medical team. The extensive training includes pre-med education, medical school, internship, a lengthy neurosurgery residency, and ongoing education for career advancement.


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The average annual salary of a dermatologist is $364,500, with ranges from $313,100 to $425,300. They specialize in skin health; their responsibilities include patient examinations, treatment planning, diagnostics, overseeing treatments’ efficacy, and performing non-invasive procedures. Prior experience, a valid medical license, a bachelor’s and medical degree, a completed internship, a state license, and a residency in dermatology are necessary qualifications.


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Urologists earn salaries that average around $342,000, ranging from $178,000 to $523,000, including benefits like housing and transport. Their role involves varied treatments, surgeries, diagnostics, and patient consultations, demanding a medical degree, residency, fellowship, state licensure, continuous learning, long hours, sharp decision-making, communication skills, teamwork, and leadership qualities for six-figure success.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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Cardiothoracic surgeons have a national average salary of $332,745, with top earners reaching $448,578. They specialize in operating on chest cavity organs, as well as addressing lung and heart issues through surgeries, diagnoses, and treatments.


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Oncologists earn an average of $323,766 or about $26,980 monthly. Salaries range from $152,500 to $400,000. This role involves patient care, team management, and critical decision-making. It requires a bachelor’s and medical degree, plus three- to seven-year internship and residency experience. Additional skills and qualifications enhance competitiveness in this field.

Emergency Medicine Physician

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Emergency Medicine Physicians earn on average $308,189 with an hourly rate of $148 and a $19,015 bonus. Duties include treating injuries and diseases, stabilizing patients, coordinating care, and making swift, accurate diagnoses. Becoming an Emergency Medicine Physician requires a medical degree, residency completion, and proper licensing.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

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OB/GYN Physicians earn an average of $301,400. Their role merges obstetrics and gynecology, caring for women’s health from preconception to postpartum. Duties span diagnosis, treatment, exams, childbirth guidance, and postpartum care. This demanding path requires education, practical experience, licensure, specialized skills, and possibly fellowships for $300k+ roles.

Plastic Surgeon

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The average salary for plastic surgeons is $285,927, with top earners hitting $466,625. They specialize in reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries, addressing appearance or function. Some focus on specific procedures, while others offer diverse surgical treatments for various conditions and needs.


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Anesthesiologists earn salaries ranging from $278,085 for novices to $349,102 for veterans. Their role involves:

  • Administering anesthetics.
  • Monitoring vital signs during surgery.
  • Ensuring patient comfort.
  • Maintaining stillness during procedures.

This career path requires becoming a licensed and certified physician, which requires extensive medical education, residency, and specialized training.

Orthopedic Surgeon

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The average salary of an orthopedic surgeon is $267,501, with top earners making $370,731 per year. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues, offering surgeries for bone, joint, nerve, and muscle conditions, and performing procedures like bone grafting and injury stabilization to enhance mobility and function.

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